Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Pet Care Their Way

Why Paw Care?

Paw care provides an honest, respectful, & caring approach to you, your pet(s), & your home. When work & life takes you away from home or keeps you busy, pet parents want to make sure that their pet(s) are taken care of. So they search for the best place or person  to care for their furry, feathery, or scaly family member(s). Most pet parents look to a kennel or boarding facility for these services. A new place with new people can be very stressful on your pet.  So why not keep them where they are most comfortable, in your home.  This will help reduce stress in your absence.

I know your pet(s) are part of your family! So while you're away they will be treated like part of mine.

About me & Paw Care

  • 1 1/2yrs veterinary technician training
  • Previous Pet care experience
  • All animals welcome

Included in a visit:

All in home visits include ( but are not limited to) Plenty of TLC, play time, fresh food & water, medications(if needed) & clean up of any pet related accidents.


For all visits I require a prior consultation visit to get acquainted with you and your pet(s) so we can make sure we are a match.

Consultation visit is FREE!